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Outdoors Pyongyang individuals maintain guard pets for pet dogs rather of smaller dogs.

In 2000 I had an adorable Maltese pet. My mum was so touched that Bun-kae returned house yet there is a Korean stating which goes: "It brings misfortune when an animal which left your residence returns". To send an inquiry, send it with your name and city to

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My father and mothers provided my pet away. The household needed to hide their microwave before opening up the door. Instead, people have begun to transform to pets and hogs for pets.

Virtually every family has secrets: points that are perfectly legal in democratic societies but unlawful in North Korea. To aim to capture them, public servants come by homes randomly, as well as people have to aim to hide them.

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3 days later on, Bun-kae got away from his brand-new home and located his way back to us. I always felt that shepherds resembled a buddy to individuals, while lap dogs were little infants that act cute to entice interest.

So individuals use them in secret. This certain officer was quite suspicious as well as required that they come tidy and also confess that they had actually used a microwave. We named him Bun-kae, meanings that "thunderbolt". I was sad to see the canine go however it was my parents' choice and there was absolutely nothing I could possibly do concerning it.

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In Pyongyang, one of the most common pets are apes and dogs.


A variation of this write-up initially appeared on NK News. People in my neighborhood constantly dropped in my property to see him and also many would claim just how much they really wanted one also. Since monkeys are clever, they procure their proprietors into trouble. Just then their animal monkey, which had been observing this situation, got the microwave from its hiding location and pulled it down before them all.

Monkey company

Monkeys were once prominent in Pyongyang but ended up being much less so later on, and also there is a story which discusses why.

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In North Korea if you make use of electrical power without the government's permission you undergo a big fine, and also it's unlawful to make use of a microwave or rice cooker since they eat excessive power.

We had a guard canine while I stayed in North Korea. Few exterior of the capital could pay for to have pets because they occupy a bunch of initiative and money, though some people maintain canines for their meat or to secure your house when they're not home.

Someday an officer visited to examine a home where they were keeping an ape. When my mother was defrauded in 2005 my household underwent financial troubles and we needed to market our dog for a bunch of cash. So my household finished up returning Bun-kae

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